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Holistic & Spiritual Practice

- energy healing - counselling -
 - anxiety and stress release -

Activate your Energy to unlock your full Potential

Activating your energy is a complex process that requires your attention at different levels: building your conscious readiness, eliminating subconscious beliefs and patterns that influence your life, and enhancing the quality and quantity of your life force energy.

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Conscious Readiness

Everything begins with your conscious decision to live a fulfilled life. Nothing else can be achieved until you commit to your own growth and development. You will receive support throughout this verbal process, and your decision will be accelerated with the help of various tools from positive and transcendental psychology, counselling, and personal mastery coaching.


Subconscious Healing

Once you make the decision that you are ready and willing to improve your life, we start working with your subconsciousness and healing negative belief patterns and repeating schemes that prevent you from living your dreams. We will use:

- Conscious Dreaming Process

- Theta healing guided meditations

- Stress Release Exercises

and others...


Energy Boosting

Neither your Consciousness nor your Subconsciousness can work at their full capacity if you are depleted from your inner life energy. We will be working simultaneously to boost your energy levels, and we will use energy practices to help you heal past traumas and wounds. We will stimulate your energy field with:

- Kundalini Activation 

- Reiki treatments

We are all made of Energy...

I am sure this statement is not new to you. The question isn't whether we are made of energy, but how we can tap into its full potency and benefit from the magic it creates for us. When it comes to achieving health, success, and fulfilling your dreams, there is nothing more important than energy. If our energy is out of balance, we might start experiencing various physical, emotional, and mental challenges.

Do you often feel disconnected, absent, or stuck, with a sense of no control over your life?

Are you frequently experiencing chronic high stress or anxiety?

Do you struggle with sleep issues and low vitality levels?

Is it challenging for you to forgive, move on, trust, and form bonds with others?

Are you experiencing physical pain and discomfort, despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

These are just a few examples of symptoms which may signal an energy imbalance, indicating it's time to focus on your energetic equilibrium.

As seen in...

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"No two people are the same, and no two people should be treated in the same way."
Paab Amani

Keep reading if you want to...

Find happiness in the present moment, embracing who you are and what you currently have!

Cultivate inner peace and trust, irrespective of external circumstances!

Boost your vitality, stamina, and vigor!

Release others' projections and rediscover your authentic self!

Remove energetic and biochemical blockages to support your body in its healing process!

I will help you to get there...
I have already worked with 500+ people* assisting them on their transformation journey.
Contact me today and let's work together.

*including individual sessions, group sessions and workshops


Contact Me

If you'd like to discuss individual or corporate sessions, explore potential partnerships, arrange public speaking opportunities, or explore other synergies, please don't hesitate to send a message, and I'll respond as soon as possible.

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“Working with Paab helped me to understand how all the challenges in my life have helped me to become a better person. I take them as my blessings now!"

Joshua, London

"Beautiful, gentle, subtle. Pure energy and human being. His energy cleansing rituals and Kundalini activation sessions have been a miracle for me."

Sophie, Monaco

“I work regularly with Paab and he cleans my energy field.
It gives me a lot of confidence and peace.”

Noorah, Dubai

“It is incredible how much working with subconsciousness helped me to heal my relationship with my partner and parents. I am forever grateful!"

Maria, Warsaw

"Ever since I have started working with Paab, I am able to manifest much more prosperity into my life. Thank you!"

Noah, Los Angeles

“A sparkle of Light in the dark World. Highly recommended.
I always look forward to the next session!”

Sarah, London

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