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Conscious Readiness

Every change begins with a conscious decision and commitment. However, it's often challenging to take that initial step. When we embark on a journey of self-improvement, especially with a new counsellor, it's natural to feel intimidated, shy, or afraid. Various fears may easily creep in and lead to procrastination. In my practice, I utilise a range of counselling and coaching tools rooted in positive and transpersonal psychology, psychotraumatology, and NVC (nonviolent communication). The process of building your Conscious Readiness starts with a verbal dialogue, where I will gently guide you in a safe and gradual manner.

Subconscious Healing

The next, often parallel, step involves working with your Subconsciousness. Tapping into your Subconsciousness allows us to see, understand, transform, and heal what you might not be aware of or what you decided to suppress years ago due to their traumatic and difficult nature. We will employ a variety of methods to reach altered states of consciousness and communicate with your Highest Self. 'Conscious Dreaming' is one of the tools I use to help you connect with your spiritual teachers and seek their knowledge and healing. We may also harness the power of binaural guided meditations and Theta healing, which will induce a light form of regression trance. Ultimately, we will work with your body to release hidden and stuck emotions. Your body retains memories of most painful and traumatic experiences, leading to biochemical blockages in your muscles, bones, and other tissues. To address this, we will use Stress Releasing Exercises (STRE) to assist your body in removing blockages and tension.

Energy Boosting

Working with your Consciousness and Subconsciousness cannot achieve its full potential if the energy aspect is overlooked. That's why it's crucial in my practice to integrate all three aspects. The success of our healing journey depends significantly on the quality and quantity of the life force within. Think of it as tuning a car – you give it a fresh look, new upholstery, and a more powerful engine. Yet, it won't move until you fuel it with petrol. It's that simple! This is why the healing process can often be challenging, as it requires a considerable amount of energy. To maintain your energy levels and raise your vibration, I offer two types of Energy Activation sessions. Kundalini Activation sessions, involving energy transmission and energy field work (Shaktipat and Innerdance), help awaken your inner life force resources. Additionally, Reiki Healing sessions serve as an additional support tool, primarily for clients facing particularly challenging situations, both physically and emotionally.

My Approach
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