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My Story

My name is Paab. I am a spiritual development coach and energy healer. I run a holistic and spiritual practice "Energy Activated," which combines tools for development of conscious, subconscious, and energetic potential of a person. The motto of my practice is to help people to find their inner peace and power, and my goal is to normalise spiritual work and show the importance of working with energy in the everyday life of every person, in any profession. 

I am a teacher of the Kundalini Activation InnerDance created by Pi Villaraza, and I conduct individual and group Energy Activation sessions. I am also an initiated Reiki Usui and Kundalini Shaktipat energy healer. In my practice, I use shamanic techniques and tools for cleansing and healing, as well as guiding clients through the process of Conscious Dreaming. I am a graduate of the Arvick Baghramian's Shamanic Counselling School and The Kabbalah Centre in London. For many years, I have learned from and worked with shamans from around the world, Arvick Baghramian, Bhola Banstola, and Valery Topoev.

For over 10 years, I lived abroad, mainly in the UK, working for global brands such as Shell, BP, and Harrods. Currently, I work with clients from the corporate world, business, media, and headlines. My time is divided between Poland, London, and other cities in Europe, where I conduct individual sessions and group workshops for people and businesses who feel ready to explore the metaphysical aspect of their existence.

I collaborate with top personal and spiritual development centres in Poland, such as the "Tu i Teraz" Center in Nowe Kawkowo, the largest personal and spiritual development centre in Poland, where I conduct my workshops, OSHO Meditation Training Center in Warsaw, and Sopot Yoga Studio in Sopot.

Warm regards and I invite you to a new journey.

With love, Paab

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