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My Story

My name is Paab, and my journey has led me down the path of spiritual and personal development for over 15 years. Prior to dedicating myself full-time to being a spiritual life coach and energy healer, I spent over a decade in the corporate and startup world. It was during this time that my colleagues started turning to me for advice and found solace in the guidance I offered. I'm genuinely grateful to those who provided me with this valuable insight.

My mission is to demystify and normalise spirituality, blending its wisdom with the insights of psychology. I aim to help people become the best version of themselves, free from the burdens of traumas, negative belief systems, and the victim mindset.


I was born in Warsaw, Poland, and I've called London home for more than a decade. My work takes me between both places, where I assist individual clients and conduct workshops for individuals and corporations. In my practice, I fuse the knowledge I've gained from spiritual traditions like alchemy, shamanism, and Kabbalah with principles from psychology, including positive and transcendental psychology, and psychotraumatology.

I hold a diploma from the Shamanic Counselling Programme by Arvick Baghramian and The Kabbalah Centre in London. I've had the privilege of learning from esteemed teachers such as Arvick Baghramian, Vitaly Topoev, Bhola Banstola, Sharon Ramel, Yosef Farnoush, and Marcus Weston. 

I'm also a certified Reiki Usui healer (Level 2) and an initiated and certified Kundalini Shaktipat and Kundalini Activation Process Facilitator (Innerdance).

With Love, Paab

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