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Image by Amir Sani

Kundalini Activation Process

Awaken the Serpent within...

Kundalini is our greatest inner life energy. It is a divine and creative force, powerful and drastic, yet loving and gentle. Kundalini is the energy that flows within us and connects us to our purest essence - our highest consciousness and intelligence - our Highest Self. 


Kundalini comes from Hinduism and is a form of divine energy (Shakti) believed to be located in a small gland at the base of the spine. According to traditional beliefs and practices, Kundalini can be awakened through Tantra, breathwork (Pranayama), yoga or singing mantras. Since recently also through direct energy transmission - Kundalini Activation.  


Within each of us, its potential is not fully expressed and realised. Kundalini Activation Process is a way of activating your inner energy so that it awakens to life and it frees and purifies you from everything that does not serve you anymore, from everything that limits your freedom and your ability to express who you really are.

The awakening of Kundalini energy initiates a series of profound changes in the structure of the brain and central nervous system, which will continue with repeated exposure to energy transmissions. The changes in our body occur at a biochemical level and have been documented by many scientists and doctors as an authentic fact. The Kundalini Activation & Innerdance Process is a path of spiritual transformation that leads to healing and expansion of consciousness, often unattainable by other methods. It is a path of rebirth, trust, love and surrender, while letting go of all attachments and control.

Benefits of awakening your Kundalini

What you might experience...

Your experience during a session is very individual. It depends on your general readiness and trust to open up to new levels of consciousness, and even on your energy level, mood and emotions on the day of the session. Please be kind and patient with yourself. Not all sessions look like the ones that you can see on the Internet. Your session will give you exactly what you need in the process of your divine unfolding. 

During the session, you might experience:

  • Spontaneous movements of your body, tingling and cramps

  • Feeling hot and cold

  • Seeing images, colours and receiving messages

  • Emotional release - crying, screaming, shaking, laughter

  • Orgasmic pleasure

  • State of deep relaxation

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